Dive Sites near Tulamben


USAT Liberty Wreck

A worldwide known ship wreck, the USAT Liberty is a 30 minutes drive from the dive center.  It is ranked # 3 wreck dive in the world by www.scubatravel.co.uk. The USAT Liberty lies between 3 and 30m of water and can be explored by everyone from snorkels and Discover Scuba Diving to the most Advanced divers. A dive not to miss while in the region.


Coral Garden Tulamben

The home of NEMO. Coral Garden is most of the time the second dive we propose for our morning dive trip to the USAT Liberty Wreck. Clownfish, turtles, sharks, rays and much more are to be found on this dive site.


Drop Off

The Drop Off is a gorgeous 70m wall dive site. Here you can experience a feeling that comes the closest to flying. The dive can be done on a day trip dive and combined with the USAT Liberty wreck dive.


Sidem / Batu Belah

Photographer's favorite dive sites! Sidem & Batu Belah can be done during the same morning dive trip. Done with an easy shore entry this is muck diving at its best. 


Seraya Secret

Another Macro Dive, Seraya Secret gives our photographer guests a further chance to discover and enjoy the astonishing creatures of the Bali coast.


Boga Wreck, Kubu

The Boga Wreck has been sunk in 2011 to form an artificial reef and to allow divers to explore a nearly intact ship wreck. With its 40m of length and lying between 13 and 30m of depth it offers a great challenge to those who want to explore it. Swim throughs and multiple levels make this dive site suited for Advanced Nitrox divers ONLY.  This dive is for sure a dive to remember.

(min 2 divers)

32% Nitrox tank : extra 50 000 IDR per tank