Dive Sites near AMED


Jemeluk Wall / Jemeluk Reef

Only 2km away West of the dive center, Jemeluk Wall/Reef is a perfect easy dive site for beginners and experienced divers.

Natural & artificial reefs are full of colour and sea life.


Amed Coral Garden / Lipah Bay

Also 2km East of the dive center, Coral Garden/Lipah Bay is a nice and easy dive. Entering from the sandy beach this shallow reef offers colourful corals and their inhabitants everywhere. A beautiful Discover Scuba Diving site where you can often encounter turtles and blue spotted sting ray. One of my favorite dive sites in Amed.  



Pyramid is an artificial reef formed by over 50 man made concrete pyramids positioned at different depths along the coast of Amed. Garden eels, blue spotted stingrays, scorpion leaf fish and turtles are regular encounters on this dive and you will see a great variety of the other reef inhabitants of this area. 


Japanese Wreck

At a distance of 8km from the dive center is the Japanese Wreck, a wooden boat that lies in 8 to 10m of depth and 1 to 2m from the surface. Rich coral growth on the wreck has attracted sea life all around. A beautiful dive which sometimes can proof more challenging due to strong current. 


Melasti (muck dive)

For the avid photographer, Melasti is the dive to do... Close to the dive center, we can also do a Night dive to see many, many creatures.



For experienced divers, Bunutan is a drift dive in the often strong current. A dive along a beautiful coral reef with giant sponges you have a good chance to see barracuda, turtles, sharks and many more. Not to miss ...